Opportunity for some part time teaching in London.

Hi, as senior lecturer for the MA Mental Health & Wellbeing at London Metropolitan University I am currently looking for anyone within reach of London who might like an opportunity to assist me with some teaching and seminar support for an Undergraduate module I convene titled 'Understanding Mental Health', it is a 15 credit UG elective module and currently attracts a lot of interest and as such am looking for someone who might like to apply as an Hourly Paid Lecturer for some regular part time work across the autumn semester (Sept 30th- May). It will mean being available one afternoon a week from 2-5pm and largely be about running a seminar group, though if interested there are also opportunities to lecture if interested. Briefly the module takes a life span approach to mental health and illness and introduces students to what is mental health and illness and what is depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc etc. Students are asked to create a fictional case study in which to illustrate their understanding of the lived experiences of a specific mental illness. So the weekly seminar sessions aside from ensuring they have understood the key lecture it is also to help students to build towards the final assessment. Anyway if this initially, sounds interesting then do get in touch with me- s.brewer@londonmet.ac.uk.



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Dear Simon,

Hi, my name is Nigel Lempriere I am an AMHP / Social Worker part time and already teach as an hourly paid lecturer on the social work course at London Met. , mainly on the human growth and development (Masters) course.  I have run seminar groups for a number of years now- not that that necessarily means i'm any good at it though! (You'd have to ask the students)

I would be interested in running a seminar group if it fitted into the timetable I hope to get starting in September 2013.  I normally work with Nora Duckett, but have worked with other social work colleagues on various modules at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.

I would be interested to discuss further if you think this would be possible,


Nigel Lempriere

07787 196691

Hi Simon,

Depending on the hourly rate I would be interested in this work. I don't live near London but my mother lives in Outer London and would benefit a weekly visit for a while.

Most of my university teaching work has been based at the University of Birmingham, working with training and newly qualified nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and medics, although predominantly the first two groups, working at undergraduate and master's level work.

By background I am an Art Historian and set out in life lecturing at the Open University. However, many years ago, at the end of the 90's I broke down with my marriage ending and found myself trapped in the mental health system. My journey since that first encounter has been often vexed but has been threaded with a determination to get to grips with both mental health distress of all kinds and the positive and negative dimensions of the 'helping industry',

Hence I suspect I would bring a refreshing and helpful perspective to the course your students are on, without needing to offer narratives from my own experience. I have completed an advanced research course with MHRN (Mental Health Research Network, Heart of England Hub) which has recently been reported upon internally and independently.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Janie Greville

Mobile 07828777647

Email mmeditor.jg@gmail.com


Hi Janie, my sincere apologies as stupidly I responded to the above message on a do not reply so guess you wondered why I hadn't responded? It is largely as a result of my lack of attention. Anyway I was thrilled to receive your very kind offer. I have been rather overwhelmed by the response from everyone across the hub and as such am now telling everyone that as there will be a formal application process I will circulate the ad once I am in receipt of it. I would certainly welcome an application from you if you are still interested. It would mean attending every Tues afternoon from the end of Sept through till early May after which there would be an expectation to assist with all the marking. If this doesn't phase you then do please apply when I circulate the advert.

Apologies for my earlier error.


Hallo Simon,

My name is Farai Mabiza and I am interested in this work. I currently work in an Adult  Acute Mental Health unit as a Clinical Practice Development Nurse. I have experience in teaching and mentoring students and nurses in clinical areas. I have experience of running groups and individual sessions in a different setting (Drug and alcohol support services). I will bring clinical experience into the seminar which I think is important considering your teaching method.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Farai Mabiza




Dear Simon,

My name is Laura Sherlock and I am Lead Patient Educator and Trainer at King's College London Medical School.  My role there involves teaching medical students and nursing students about communication skills whilst they conduct either a mental health or neurological examinations of me - a service user who has Paranoid Schizophrenia and suffered a severe head injury many years ago (which thankfully left no severe after effects).  One element of the programme I am especially proud of instigating is an interprofessional session with a service user where the focus in on Recovery. Other aspects of my role include researching patient involvement and narrative in education and disseminating my findings at conferences and in publications.

I also work at times with Rethink Mental Illness co-facilitating Mental Health First Aid workshops, other mental health awareness seminars/workshops, and sharing my experiences with health professionals and service users.

In July I completed the King's College London Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice and achieved a Distinction for it.  With my work over the last five years at KCL and Rethink Mental Illness I feel I would be suitable to offer you teaching and seminar support as I have experience of working with students individually, in small groups, and in large lecture-like settings.  My background as a service user means I not only have personal experience of mental health problems leading to insight but also have a great desire to improve people's treatment of and approach to others who have mental health problems.

I have spent much time in the education system gaining a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from The Royal College of Music, subsequently worked there for two years as a Junior Fellow, then taught English as a foreign language there and worked with International students a great deal.  I then went on to gain the PGCAP form KCL already mentioned.  So, I have witnessed and partaken in, as a student, good and bad practice in education.  I believe I could contribute much to your programme as I am passionate about mental health and education.

My current work at KCL is part-time.  I work 7 hours a week which hopefully, once finance has been settled, will increase to 14 hours in October.  These hours take place extremely flexibly though and I do not have a set timetable.  Thus being free one set afternoon a week for your programme should pose no problems as I can organise my KCL work around this afternoon.

I live in Dartford, Kent, so coming into London is easy for me (Dartford is one stop outside Zone 6). 

Please contact me if you feel I could be of any help to you in your programme.  I would be delighted to get involved.

With friendly greetings,



Hi Laura, many thanks for your very kind offer. Your outline above looks very impressive. I have received an overwhelming response from people across the hub, which has been brilliant. It does though now leave me with quite a task to sift through all the expressed interest. I am told that there is an application process and this opportunity will be advertised shortly. Once the ad is published I will circulate it here so that all those that are interested may apply. in brief it will require every Tues afternoon from end of Sept through till beginning of May 2014 after which there will be marking to assist with. If this is still of interest then I will most certainly include your name in the list to circulate the advert?

Many thanks for expressing your interest. I am very grateful.



Dear Simon,

Many thanks for your swift reply to my post. I am still very interested in applying for the work with you so please include me in the circulation of the job advert.  I look forward to receiving the advert and writing my application.  

Thank you Simon.

With friendly greetings,


Dear Simon

I can do this - Tuesday afternoons in London. I live in Brighton and getting to London for afternoon seminars is not a problem. I am semi-retired and have more space to do interesting things as a result. Please include me when you send out the advert.

I have had a long career in mental health training and education.

Best Wishes



Many thanks Thurstine, I will add your interest to my list.





Our Pharmacy Dept. is interested in working with you.

 We already provide support to Courses at UCL and Kingston by teaching modules on mental health and medicines.

 It would be good to grow local links between academic insitutions and local health services. 

Please do keep me in the loop regarding expressions of interest etc.







Carl Holvey

Principal Clinical & Deputy Chief Pharmacist


T: 020 3513 4566

F: 020 3513 5822

E: carl.holvey@swlstg-tr.nhs.uk

A: Pharmacy Dept.

South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust

Building 9, Springfield University Hospital

61 Glenburnie Road, London SW17 7DJ


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