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critical friends group


Would anyone else like the idea of a 'critical friends' group on here for people who are writing? The idea would be that the members could review each others work prior to submission elsewhere? It wouldn't be a lot of work in that only one person would have to view each offering for it to be of use. I for one reach a point with something I'm writing and can't see 'wood for trees' and really value another angle/perspective. If there are some responses I'll create a group for…


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Nicola Williamson - a journey to recovery

Short film produced by IRISS and East Dunbartonshire Council.  A resource for use in teaching?

View here.

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Mental Health Act Annual Report 2011/12

Throughout 2011/12, CQC commissioners visited 1,546 wards, of which 811 were unannounced and 95 took place on weekends.  Commissioners spoke to patients and staff, checked care plans and other documents, examined the state of wards and more.  This report, published today, contains their findings.

View the report and summary.

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Adult safeguarding e-learning resource: launched today by SCIE

Adult safeguarding is about looking out for the people around us and protecting them from harm. Anyone can find themselves in a difficult situation where there is a possibility that they might be harmed, but when the situation involves someone who needs extra support – known as ‘an adult at risk’ – the situation becomes critical.

The resource explores the following questions:

  • What is ‘adult safeguarding’ and how does it affect each and every one of…

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Welcome to new members

Just wanted to say how good it is to see the MHHE network group growing.  Its wonderful to be able to welcome new members and there is clearly more and more activity on the website.


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Three short films about poverty in the UK

May be useful for teaching.  Made by the brilliant Mosaic Films, who also made Animated Minds.

View three short films about poverty here.

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Does the Internet and social networking sites such as Facebook offer opportunities for WELLBEING and inclusion or alternatively do they fuel addictions and cause loneliness and distress?

Michael Poh on the Hongkiat site offers brief discussions in blogs such as:


7 Telltale Signs Of Facebook Addiction.



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HCPC seeks views on criteria for approving Approved Mental Health Professional programmes in England

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is now seeking views from stakeholders as part of a new consultation on draft criteria for approving Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) education programmes in England.

Until its closure last year, the General Social Care Council (GSCC) had statutory responsibility for approving AMHP education programmes in England. The HCPC have now taken on this responsibility.

The criteria under…


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HEA conference on social mobility: call for students to participate as jurors

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is inviting students to participate as ‘jurors’ in a major social mobility conference to be held in Manchester on 26 - 27 March 2013.

The two-day conference, ‘What can higher education contribute to improving social mobility in the UK?’ will examine the contribution of higher education to improving social mobility in the UK. 

The HEA is looking for 12…


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Globalising mental health or pathologising the global south? Call for Papers

Disability and the Global South: An International Journal www.dgsjournal.org

Globalising Mental Health or Pathologising the Global South?…


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CREATIVE MALADJUSTMENT WEEK (July 7-July 14, 2013) is only 6 months away! On this national day in celebration of the founder of the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment [IAACM], MindFreedom echoes the famous words of Martin Luther King, Jr. in saying that "the salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted!"…


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Here at home: a short film about mental health and homelessness

Haunted by visions of his father, Mark thought he’d won the jackpot when he discovered he was going to be housed. But now, safe and secure in his apartment, he’s overwhelmed by a new fear – will he lose his home when the study ends? 

This short film is a chapter from Here At Home, a web documentary about mental health and homelessness that takes us inside the Mental Health Commission of Canada's At Home pilot project.…


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interesting website...

 I've been looking at this often (if you sign up you get a regular email update/link);  http://www.disabilityscoop.com/ .  This is a US site and seems mainly geared towards learning disability, autism... which I suppose again just raises how we are working to inherited late nineteenth.early twentieth century nosology/taxonomy.  I would argue that there is so much in shared experience, and in being psychologically othered (which is…


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Primum non forgetful

This is a film about memory loss in old age. The title of the film ‘Primum non forgetful’ explores part of the Hippocratic Oath when it comes to the medical approach to memory loss. Primum non nocere, as stated by Hippocrates, translates as: first, above all, do no harm. This film, Primum non forgetful, argues that we have lost sight of the range of reasons behind forgetfulness in age.

This film is presented in two parts: the first part explores the current drive and…


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Service user and carer involvement in assessment.

See here for an updated version of mhhe's annotated reading list.

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Critical and Creative Approaches to Mental Health Practice (CCrAMHP) - Lancaster

This group is for all who are passionate about sustaining critical and creative approaches to mental health practice, in situations which can feel constraining. Open to mental health practitioners, students, educators, service users and carers and others with an interest in engaging in discussion and debate, reciprocal learning and support. We meet on the last Monday of the month from 6-8pm at the Friends Meeting House in Lancaster. 

Further details:…


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The Future of Mental Health Services - Call for Evidence

The Mental Health Foundation has launched a major inquiry into the Future of Mental Health Services in the UK.  They want to explore what mental health services might look like in 20 – 30 years’ time. This will involve looking ahead to assess the challenges mental health services may face in the future, and thinking creatively about the ways services can meet these challenges. It is hoped that the findings will help ensure that all mental health services are fit for purpose in the 21st…


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Madness Contested: Power and Practice

This book contests how both society and Mental Health Services conceptualise and respond to madness. Despite sustained criticisms from academia, survivor groups and practitioners, the bio-genetic model of madness prevails and therefore shapes our very notions of what madness is, who the mad are and how to respond. This dominant yet narrow view,…

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'My daughter the schizophrenic' - original article and responses

Useful materials for generating debate in teaching:

My daughter the schizophrenic - Guardian article

Response by Gordon Milson and Sarah Brennan (Young Minds)…


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Reconnect - new film about psychosis

Historically young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis found it difficult to obtain effective treatment. The film invites to viewer to see the world through the eyes of Karl, a 20 year old student suffering with psychosis.  The film was made to raise awareness of psychosis, reduce the stigma and reduce the delay in getting treatment.  It was made in conjunction with North Staffordshire Early Intervention in Psychosis Team.…


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Croatia: out of institutions, into the world

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 19, 2017 at 20:00 0 Comments

More than 8,200 people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities in Croatia remain in segregated institutions and psychiatric hospitals with little control over decisions that affect their lives, Human Rights Watch said. While the Croatian government has made some progress in protecting the rights of people with disabilities, the process of moving people out of institutions and into community-based living arrangements has been limited and slow. In a video released by Human Rights Watch,…


1000 conversations: speaking out on mental health

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 12:34 0 Comments

Stories of people with lived experience of mental health difficulties - shared on the Centre for Mental Health website. 

View the stories

Quality in Undergraduate Education: How Powerful Knowledge Disrupts Inequality

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 12:00 0 Comments

Globally, the appetite for higher education is great, but what do students and societies gain? Quality in Undergraduate Education foregrounds the importance of knowledge acquisition at university. Many argue that university education is no longer a public good due to the costs incurred by students who are then motivated by the promise of lucrative employment rather than by studying a discipline for its own sake. McLean, Abbas and Ashwin, however, reveal a…


International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 11:55 0 Comments

'The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal (IIPDW) was created to respond to a glaring need in mental health: to develop ways for helping people withdraw from psychiatric drugs.

Mental health has failed to provide support to people who want to reduce or withdraw from their psychiatric drugs. Often, people are simply told it is a bad idea, and thus are left to try to reduce or withdraw without the support they need.

Indeed, psychiatric drugs have been…


Life of the Mind Interrupted: essays on mental health and disability in higher education

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 11:43 0 Comments

The essays in this book cover topics such as disclosure of disabilities, accommodations and accessibility, how to be a good abled friend to a disabled person, the trigger warnings debate, and more. Written for a popular audience, for those with disabilities and for those who want to learn more about living a disabled life, Life of the Mind Interrupted aims to make higher education, and the rest of our society, more humane.…


All is not well - comics about care

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 17, 2017 at 17:30 0 Comments

I See You is about a girl being cared for by her father after being discharged from psychiatric hospital. The father cares emotionally and practically. He stays present in response to the girl’s anger and despair and tries metaphorically to give the girl her childhood back.

Read the comic

Medicated Stable: animated film

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 17, 2017 at 15:16 0 Comments

Medicated Stable is an animated film that explores some of the experiences of mental health treatment, support and recovery in Southampton. Funded by NHS England, this animated film produced by Healthwatch Southampton is based on ‘Barriers and Facilitators for promoting recovery in mental health’ a research paper co-produced by Healthwatch Southampton and the University of Southampton.…


Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 16, 2017 at 14:08 0 Comments

Britain’s first university centre dedicated to improving mental health in schools has opened.

The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools has been established at Leeds Beckett University.

Similar centres already exist in the US and Canada. Its aim is to create a network of educators, mental health practitioners and …


Trauma informed education in mental health nursing

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 15, 2017 at 10:32 0 Comments

Stirling University film  looking at MH through a Trauma Lens featuring staff, graduates & clinicians.

View it here.

Mental Health Occupational Therapy Interventions and Outcomes Network

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 10, 2017 at 12:52 0 Comments

MOTION is a collaboration between researchers, service users, clinicians and educators committed to improving outcomes in mental health occupational therapy by advancing research.

Visit the website.

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