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Psychocompulsion and Workfare

A number of organisations have come together under the banner of Mental Wealth Foundation to challenge the coercive strategies the current regime has used since it came to power as part of the coalition in 2010

To gain a better understanding of these issues The Mental Health Resistance Network recently produced this film entitled Psychocompulsion and Workfare.

View the film

See also 'Bin…


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More information from us!

Research: The University of Bolton – To understand how people with mental health conditions use social media for support and information.

Ethical Approval and Funding:

The University of Bolton’s Ethical Committee have granted ethical approval of this research. A copy of ethical approval can be sent on request.

The research is being carried out by members of educational staff at the University in…


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New and looking for help!

Hi all,

I've joined MHHE and I'll be 100% honest I don't know all that much about it.  However,  I do plan to read more and find out.  Despite my newness here I'd like to ask for a little help from anyone reading.

I am currently providing voluntary assistance to both Dr. Julie Prescott and Dr. Gill Allen of the University of Bolton.  An ongoing research project of theirs is looking at how people use social media in relation to mental health; do people gain informal support from…


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Why do I come to MHHE?

Why do I come to MHHE?  Good question.  The truth is that I haven't really participated in MHHE in any consistent manner.  I dip in and out, depending on the things that come up on Jill's regular announcements.  Again, thanks to Jill, some of my own blogging about mental health in academia has been shared - though I have been very quiet on this front for a while.

It is partly an ambivalence about identification with the categories of 'mental health service user', 'depression', 'mad…


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Mental health and sport in higher education.

Since 2014, British Universities and Collegest Sport (BUCS) has been working with Student Minds to develop a package of support which can be offered to universities across the country, using sport as a tool to support mental wellbeing. A training programme has been piloted and is now being expanded. It  is currently being delivered to equip HE sport staff to deliver and cascade a mental health training module to their own university clubs and sports teams.…


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Queer Youth, Suicide and Self-Harm: Troubled Subjects, Troubling Norms

This book prioritises the perspectives of queer young people, including those who have experience of self-harming or feeling suicidal. Presenting analysis based on research carried out with young people both online and face-to-face, the authors offer a critical perspective on the role of norms in the production of self-harming and suicidal youth.


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The Arts and Dementia (TANDEM) Doctoral Training Centre: Two funded PhD studentships

The Alzheimer’s Society has funded eight Doctoral Training Centres to help to increase knowledge and build capacity in dementia research. TANDEM is the Doctoral Training Centre that has been funded to explore The Arts anDementia. It is a partnership between the Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester and the Centre for…


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Improving public discussion about inequality: a briefing paper by Psychologists against Austerity

Public attitudes towards inequality are complex. People generally believe that some occupations should be paid more than others. But they also believe that the gap between the highest and lowest paid is too great. Many members of the public appear to feel that inequality is inevitable and that there is little chance of reducing it. Media portrayals of poverty reinforce stereotypes of people living in poverty as ‘scroungers’. They maintain myths, such as “Poverty only exists because people…


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mhhe features on Somatosphere

Somatosphere is collaborative website covering the intersections of medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural psychiatry, psychology and bioethics.  mhhe recently featured on it. 

Read the article here.

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Funding for service user and carer involvement on AMHP programmes.

I have recently received this query from an AMHP programme lead. Does anyone have any thoughts to share?

"How are other AMHP programmes managing to financially support user and carer involvement?  We are not able to access the money to support user involvement that comes from the DoH as part of qualifying social work training as AMHP is post qualifying  - and of course this is likely to end anyway.  There is also less money available within the university. 

This is having an…


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Embodying Social Justice. Roehampton University. 10th -11th June 2016

This conference is for those with an interest in the links between social justice and therapeutic practice. It is an opportunity to explore the role that embodiment may have in this relationship: our social, psychological and biological being.  The conference will look at how social and political conditions impact on the bodies of our clients and ourselves; and how, as consciously embodied beings, we can develop new and radical approaches to promoting social change. 



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The meanings of recovery: A dialogue across the sociologies of mental health, physical illness, injury and addiction

The University of Surrey will be hosting a two-day Symposium (11th/12th July 2016) on ‘The meanings of recovery: A dialogue across the sociologies of mental health, physical illness, injury and addiction’.  Confirmed speakers/workshop conveners include Diana Rose, Sarah Nettleton, Hilary Thomas, Sarah Earthy, Ewen Speed, Graham Scambler, Iain Wilkinson, Emma Wincup, Jim Roe, Paul Stoneman.  Dr Lynne Friedli will also give a public lecture on the evening of the 11th.…


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Counselling experiences of male victims of domestic violence - research study - call for participants

Researchers at the University of Sunderland are currently looking for participants to take part in a research study investigating the experiences of counselling for male victims of domestic violence in the UK. The study is funded by the University of Sunderland for this academic year, and all interviews need to be completed by the end of July as the funding ends then. Although we have been advertising the study through a number of partner agencies for 6-8 weeks, we have not received any…


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Learning and teaching about depression

This is an evolving collection of links, on bundlr, aiming to support learning and teaching about depression.

See here.

Please contribute other helpful resources. 

You may also like to view our collections of links on: 

Wellbeing and academia…


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The man who closed the Asylums - by John Foot

In 1961, when Franco Basaglia arrived outside the grim walls of the Gorizia asylum, on the Italian border with Yugoslavia, it was a place of horror, a Bedlam for the mentally sick and excluded, redolent of Basaglia’s own wartime experience inside a fascist gaol. Patients were frequently restrained for long periods, and therapy was largely a matter of electric and insulin shocks. The corridors stank, and for many of the interned the doors were locked for life. This was a concentration…


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Spring 2016 issue of Asylum Magazine.

Asylum magazine is a forum for free debate, open to anyone with an interest in psychiatry or mental health. The magazine is not-for-profit and run by a collective of unpaid volunteers.  This issue is the first of the year in which Asylum celebrates being 30.

The summer issue is planned as a collection of perceptions from people active in the field. If you would like to contribute material,…


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Photography and mental health

Links to photographic resources that may be of use in learning and teaching about mental health. 


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Journal of Public Mental health

Journal of Public Mental Health (JPMH) focuses on the research, policy and practice that put mental well-being at the heart of the public health agenda.  JPMH provides a double blind peer-reviewed forum for dissemination and debate on all aspects of public mental health.

This international interdisciplinary journal welcomes contributions from all sectors involved in public mental health and covers:

  • Policy analysis from a public mental health…

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How can we incorporate more Mental Health Promotion into professional programmes?

Woody Caan has posed the question:

'How can we incorporate more Mental Health Promotion into professional programmes?'

England has particular problems of inequality.  For example, at least 10% of its children grow up with economic and social disadvantages (that is over 1 million young people), with devastating impacts on their mental health and wellbeing.  Farmer’s…


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The up-goer five text editor

Can you describe a complex topic using only the thousand most common English words?  It's harder than it looks.

This resource may be helpful  - for both educators and students - in finding straightforward ways to communicate ideas, both verbally and in writing.

Give it a try here.

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Croatia: out of institutions, into the world

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 19, 2017 at 20:00 0 Comments

More than 8,200 people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities in Croatia remain in segregated institutions and psychiatric hospitals with little control over decisions that affect their lives, Human Rights Watch said. While the Croatian government has made some progress in protecting the rights of people with disabilities, the process of moving people out of institutions and into community-based living arrangements has been limited and slow. In a video released by Human Rights Watch,…


1000 conversations: speaking out on mental health

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 12:34 0 Comments

Stories of people with lived experience of mental health difficulties - shared on the Centre for Mental Health website. 

View the stories

Quality in Undergraduate Education: How Powerful Knowledge Disrupts Inequality

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 12:00 0 Comments

Globally, the appetite for higher education is great, but what do students and societies gain? Quality in Undergraduate Education foregrounds the importance of knowledge acquisition at university. Many argue that university education is no longer a public good due to the costs incurred by students who are then motivated by the promise of lucrative employment rather than by studying a discipline for its own sake. McLean, Abbas and Ashwin, however, reveal a…


International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 11:55 0 Comments

'The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal (IIPDW) was created to respond to a glaring need in mental health: to develop ways for helping people withdraw from psychiatric drugs.

Mental health has failed to provide support to people who want to reduce or withdraw from their psychiatric drugs. Often, people are simply told it is a bad idea, and thus are left to try to reduce or withdraw without the support they need.

Indeed, psychiatric drugs have been…


Life of the Mind Interrupted: essays on mental health and disability in higher education

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 11:43 0 Comments

The essays in this book cover topics such as disclosure of disabilities, accommodations and accessibility, how to be a good abled friend to a disabled person, the trigger warnings debate, and more. Written for a popular audience, for those with disabilities and for those who want to learn more about living a disabled life, Life of the Mind Interrupted aims to make higher education, and the rest of our society, more humane.…


All is not well - comics about care

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 17, 2017 at 17:30 0 Comments

I See You is about a girl being cared for by her father after being discharged from psychiatric hospital. The father cares emotionally and practically. He stays present in response to the girl’s anger and despair and tries metaphorically to give the girl her childhood back.

Read the comic

Medicated Stable: animated film

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 17, 2017 at 15:16 0 Comments

Medicated Stable is an animated film that explores some of the experiences of mental health treatment, support and recovery in Southampton. Funded by NHS England, this animated film produced by Healthwatch Southampton is based on ‘Barriers and Facilitators for promoting recovery in mental health’ a research paper co-produced by Healthwatch Southampton and the University of Southampton.…


Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 16, 2017 at 14:08 0 Comments

Britain’s first university centre dedicated to improving mental health in schools has opened.

The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools has been established at Leeds Beckett University.

Similar centres already exist in the US and Canada. Its aim is to create a network of educators, mental health practitioners and …


Trauma informed education in mental health nursing

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 15, 2017 at 10:32 0 Comments

Stirling University film  looking at MH through a Trauma Lens featuring staff, graduates & clinicians.

View it here.

Mental Health Occupational Therapy Interventions and Outcomes Network

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 10, 2017 at 12:52 0 Comments

MOTION is a collaboration between researchers, service users, clinicians and educators committed to improving outcomes in mental health occupational therapy by advancing research.

Visit the website.

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