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Vagueness in Psychiatry: new book

Publishers blurb: 'In psychiatry there is no sharp boundary between the normal and the pathological. Although clear cases abound, it is often indeterminate whether a particular condition does or does not qualify as a mental disorder. For example, definitions of subthreshold disorders and of the prodromal stages of diseases are notoriously contentious.

Philosophers and linguists call concepts that lack sharp boundaries, and thus admit of borderline cases, vague. Although blurred…


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Faulty by Design: the state of public service commissioning

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the success of current approaches to commissioning by central government, local authorities and commissioning bodies. To do so, interviews with 29 experts from government, providers and third-parties, were conducted, alongside a literature review and evaluation of the publicly available data. Attention is paid to complex human services, in which there is a purchaser-provider split – in health and social care, criminal justice, housing and…


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Who cares for the carers?

A proposal for an independent umbrella body to provide telephone, online and face-to-face mental health support to health and social care professionals in the public sector. By Martin Seager and Mike Bush.

Read the proposal

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The Rediscovery of Teaching.

The Rediscovery of Teaching presents the innovative claim that teaching does not necessarily have to be perceived as an act of control but can be understood and configured as a way of activating possibilities for students to exist as subjects. By framing teaching as an act of dissensus, that is, as an interruption of egological ways of being, this book positions teaching at the progressive end of the educational spectrum, where it can be reconnected with the emancipatory ambitions of…


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Behind the Art - documentary film series

What is behind any work of art?  Why do people make art?  There are so many different ways of expressing ideas in a creative way – Painting, Pottery, Photography, Music, Model Making, Crafts, Drama, Dance, Singing ….

Two years ago saw the beginning of “Behind The Art”, an on-going series of short documentary films. Each film opens a window onto an individual’s reason for making art, and touches on the importance of the creative arts as a tool for improving one’s mental health and…


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Come with me - a film by Anjali, Calcutta

'“Come with Me” narrates the stories of four women who are located in different geographical, social and economic spaces, but tied by a common string. While they belong to different strata of the society, caste, educational background, and have access to different resources; they are all survivors of domestic violence, have experienced mental illness, and were incarcerated in government mental hospitals at some point in their lives. 

Mocked, denied, looked…


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Universities UK: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Higher Education Programme

Universities UK has just established a Mental Health and Wellbeing in HE programme. 'The scope of the programme includes appropriate provision for those experiencing difficulties or mental illness as well as wider consideration of prevention and the support of good mental health.  Whilst the focus is on students in higher education, the approach recognises interdependencies between staff and student wellbeing and between HE and other sectors, and seeks to address these via partnership…


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Simon Says: Psychosis! HD 720

This powerful documentary features moving first hand accounts of psychosis. From three young people, who have shown the strength to not only share their stories but do so in an insightful and articulate manner. The film was predominantly made by someone who has experienced psychosis and has therefore been constructed from a unique perspective and understanding.

View the film

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Men Tell Health

A website devoted to men and mental health. 

Visit the website.

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Mind, Myth and Madness: are biological accounts of mental illness useful?

From schizophrenia to depression we assume our psychiatric diagnoses are real. But as the mental health epidemic turns global, the categories now seem like the cause. Is it time to abandon our biological account of mental illness? Or is it the best strategy we've got?.

Listen online

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Trauma and Meaning Making - new book

Trauma and Meaning Making highlights multiple practices of meaning making after traumatic events in the lives of individuals and communities. Meaning making consists both in a personal journey towards a new way to exist and live in a world shattered by trauma and in public politics locating and defining what has happened. In both perspectives, the collection evaluates the impact achieved by naming the victim/s and thus the right of the victim/s to suffer from its aftermath or…


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Think Ahead participants talk to All in the Mind

Two of the 2016 THINK AHEAD participants have spoken to BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind about their motivations for joining the Think Ahead programme and the work they have been doing in their community mental health teams since September.

The Think Ahead programme aims to create leaders in mental health and social work.…


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Recognising & Understanding the Social Basis of Mental Illness: Advancing Creative Pedagogy, Participatory Practice and Interdisciplinary Understanding

This project by Claire Blencowe and Anna Harpin works towards interdisciplinary collaborative teaching and research on the social and cultural basis of mental health – drawing insight from debates in critical psychology, philosophy, sociology, performance studies, cultural studies and literature. It also develops research and pedagogy on the role of participatory practice (including participatory pedagogy, collaborative culture making, play, performance, and political engagement) as…


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Madness Radio: Voices and visions from outside mental health

Madness Radio: Voices And Visions from Outside Mental Health explores 'madness' from beyond conventional perspectives and mainstream treatments, featuring survivors, authors, advocates, professionals, and artists. A great resource for use in teaching.

View the list of programmes.

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Patient and Public Involvement in Nurse Education

Peter Bates is working in partnership with Health Education England to create a 'How To' guide on involving patients and the public in nurse education. 

The project covers England and includes all four fields of nursing practice - Child, Adult, Mental Health and Learning Disability. It ranges from pre-registration to post-qualification continuous professional development. The Guide will help a range of stakeholders, including

  • students and staff who are engaged in…

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Higher Education Agencies for whom the bell tolls

It is understood that the Bell review, when published next month, will propose a merger between the Higher Education Academy, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and the Equality Challenge Unit, to create a new super higher education development agency. 

Find out more.

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I am Whole - stories about young people and mental health

A collection of stories from young people about their experiences of mental health difficulties.

Read the stories

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Social Work and Health Inequalities Network

The Social Work and Health Inequalities Network (SWHIN) aims to promote research, discussion and action by social work researchers, educators, practitioners and managers, to combat the causes and consequences of unjust and damaging socially created inequalities in health.

Find out more.

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Vacancy: Policy Officer (Mental Health and Wellbeing in Higher Education)

The Policy Group within Universities UK is responsible for developing and delivering a programme of policy and research activities which aim to shape the future agenda for higher education in the UK. It is engaged in carrying out research, analysis and policy development to lead the higher education agenda, make informed contributions to critical issues and provide policy options which support the future strength and health of the UK HE system.

The post holder will work on a distinct…


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Mad Studies: new issue of the journal Intersectionalities

Mad Studies is the focus of the latest issue of Intersectionalities: A Global Journal of Social Work Analysis, Research, Polity, and Practice

All articles are open access.

View the issue…


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QMU launches the world's first Masters in Mad Studies

Posted by Jill Anderson on December 1, 2020 at 11:50 0 Comments

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh is launching the world’s first master’s degree in Mad Studies. The MSc Mad Studies course is primarily a course for graduates with lived experience of mental health issues. It has been hailed by a leading international Mad Studies academic as the most exciting piece of curriculum development in the last 20 years!

Mad Studies is a recognised academic discipline that explores the knowledge and actions that have grown…


Unlearning through Mad Studies: disruptive pedagogical praxis

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 26, 2020 at 19:00 0 Comments

Medical discourse currently dominates as the defining framework for madness in educational praxis. Consequently, ideas rooted in a mental health/illness binary abound in higher learning, as both curriculum content and through institutional procedures that reinforce structures of normalcy. While madness, then, is included in university spaces, this inclusion proceeds in ways that continue to pathologize madness and disenfranchise mad people.

This paper offers Mad…


Stepchange: mentally healthy universities

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:48 0 Comments

Earlier this year, UUK published a refreshed version of its strategic framework, Stepchange: mentally healthy universities, calling on universities to prioritise the mental health of their students and staff by taking a whole university approach to mental health.

The Stepchange approach and shared set of principles inform the …


Think Ahead gets funding to boost its intake.

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:41 0 Comments

Fast-track mental health social work provider Think Ahead will expand its intake by 60% from next year following a government funding boost of at least £18m.

The Department of Health and Social Care has agreed a contract with Think Ahead to increase the number of trainees for its 2021 and 2022 cohorts from 100 to 160, with…


Transforming Mental Health Social Work videos

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:39 0 Comments

Health Education England has commissioned 11 videos centered on real-life experience of specialists in the social work field.

See the video playlist.

Transforming mental health social work - conference report

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:37 0 Comments

In February 2020 Health Education England and Skills for Care put on two major conferences about the role and development of mental health social work. 

Download the conference report.

Leadership in mental health social work - web pages

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:33 0 Comments

A section of the Skills for Care website has been developed for mental health social workers and AMHPs

View the web pages here.

Social work education and training in mental health, addictions and suicide: a scoping review protocol

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:29 1 Comment

Social workers are among the largest group of professionals in the mental health workforce and play a key role in the assessment of mental health, addictions and suicide. Most social workers provide services to individuals with mental health concerns, yet there are gaps in research on social work education and training programmes. The objective of this open access scoping review is to examine literature on social work education and training in mental health, addictions and…


Mental health nurse education: perceptions, access and the pandemic

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:25 0 Comments

With World Mental Health Day this Saturday, a new Nuffield Trust report discusses how more people might be attracted to apply to study mental health nursing, and the reasons why they might currently be less likely to do so.

Co-author Claudia Leone picks out some  key findings.

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