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Madness Studies - research network for scholars of madness

Madness Studies is a new research network for individual scholars and groups who are studying madness and its history. Scholarly perspectives on madness range from the history of psychiatry, clinical psychiatry and psychology to sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literary studies and evolutionary research on human behaviour. Our scope is worldwide, but we are especially focusing on the European and Nordic context. The institutional home of the network is the Department of the History of…


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Mad World: An Exhibition on Sane People in Insane Situations

Art Exhibition at St Margaret’s House From 29th May to 21stJune

*** Official opening on 29 May from 6-9pm ***

Come along and to an art exhibition which aims to challenge the world to discover the insane. The exhibitions, which brings together work from a variety of artists, reveals perspectives on 'madness’ which are not commonly found in the rhetoric of the medical…


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Discipline Specific Guides on embedding equality and diversity - published by the HEA

The Higher Education Academy’s Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum project has today published five discipline specific practitioner guides for embedding equality and diversity into learning and teaching experiences and environments.

The 2010 Equality Act, and Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) legislation within it, requires a new way of approaching learning, teaching and assessment in higher education so that…


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Disability, Avoidance and the Academy: challenging resistance

Advance notice of this new book:

Disability is a widespread phenomenon, indeed a potentially universal one as life expectancies rise. Within the academic world, it has relevance for all disciplines yet is often dismissed as a niche market or someone else’s domain. This collection explores how academic avoidance of disability studies and disability theory is indicative of social prejudice and highlights, conversely, how the academy can and does engage with disability…


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Open Dialogue - UK summer seminars

In this one day seminar Nick Putman (Open Dialogue UK) and Mia Kurtti (Western Lapland Psychiatric service) will be introducing the Open Dialogue approach from Finland to mental health professionals

and managers, service users, carers and students. The day will be be a mixture of presentations, small and large group discussions, and will cover the following topics:

• Background and history of the

development of the approach

• The 7 principles and 12 key elements of dialogical…


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School for Health and Care Radicals

Anyone who wants to bring about change has to be ready to break the rules. But in health and social care, that can be really difficult. The art of rocking the boat while staying in it is something it seems no-one is ready to help you learn.

That’s where the School for Health and Care Radicals (SHCR) comes in. Brought to you by NHS Improving Quality, the School is entirely online, free, backed by the world’s largest health organisation: the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), and is…


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Research into narratives of loneliness and mental wellbeing

Just launching: Research into Narratives of  Loneliness and Mental Wellbeing

please disseminate to colleagues and networks

Seeking participants:

1) Mental health service users with experiences of loneliness / or choice of solitary lifestyle

2) Mental health practitioners with experiences of clients who have loneliness as a presenting issue / or choice of solitary lifestyle

All interviews are confidential, may be face to face,…


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Making Mad Studies - filmed presentation

Mad Studies challenges us to think beyond mainstream notions of "mental illness." Panelists - at this presentation at Ryerson University - discuss this social justice approach as an important contribution to other vital discussions about learning and teaching from the margins. Drawing from Disability Studies and Social Work, panelists explore the historical roots of this emergent field, sharing curriculum and teaching strategies and considering how students respond to mad positive academic…


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Understanding Everyday Help and Support

This report investigates how everyday help and support allow people to lead ‘liveable’ lives, exploring the impact of social context and relationships and the development of support over time.

The research, by a team from ScotCen Social Research and Edinburgh University, explored experiences of everyday help and support in three diverse areas in and around Glasgow – Maryhill, Bearsden and Hillhead.…


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Peer Leadership in Early Intervention in Psychosis services - webinar

On Wednesday, May 27, at 7 p.m. (British Summer Time), a free, 90-minute webinar on Peer Leadership in Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) Services: From Program Development to Outcomes Evaluation will be held. While many EIP programs include (or plan to include) some element of peer support and/or family support, questions remain as to how to ensure meaningful peer involvement that significantly impacts services. The presenters - Nev Jones, PhD; Irene Hurford, MD; and…


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Film about psychosis

This short film about psychosis was produced by service users and staff from GMW’s Early intervention Service in collaboration with a local filmmaker. The aim of the film is to raise awareness, reduce stigma and encourage people to seek help early. You can also help with these aims by sharing the film #psychosisfilm.


See also this …


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Teaching as a human experience: an anthology of contemporary poems

The poems in this collection deal with the real life-worlds of professors, instructors, lecturers, teachers, and others working in education. This volume covers contemporary teaching experiences in education, including the many roles that teachers play such as instructing, lecturing, mentoring, facilitating, coaching, guiding, and leading. This volume covers the manifold life experiences and perspectives of being and working as a teacher in education and the epiphanies experienced in…


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The Journal of Applied Social Theory

The Journal of Applied Social Theory aims to provide an intellectual space where critical applications of social theory (in all its varied forms) can flourish.

The objective in setting up this new open-access journal is to fill a gap in current academic debates regarding the treatment of well-established and sometimes revered theories, theories that can all too often inhibit discussion while shying away from more applied forms of theoretical…


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Mental Health: Five year forward view - Online survey

NHS England has announced a new Mental Health Taskforce which will develop a five year national strategy for mental health, covering all ages. The strategy will be published in the summer, and will be aligned with NHS England's Five Year Forward View for the whole NHS. It is crucial that the strategy is informed by a wide range of lived experience and professional expertise, and we'd like your help.

Rethink Mental Illness and Mind are members of the Taskforce, and…


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Mad World Archive

This online resource is pieced together from many sources and perspectives to try to facilitate a deeper and more outward looking idea of madness and psychiatry.  It is a public collection where people can link their own perspectives to themes in psychiatry, psychology, sociology and critical methodologies.

Visit the archive.

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Madness, Violence and Power: Call for abstracts

This interdisciplinary anthology will discuss violence as manifest in the lives of diversely-situated people who identify in various ways including but not limited to mental health services users; people with mental illness,psychiatric disabilities or psychosocial disabilities; psychiatric survivors/consumers, and neurodiverg…

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The Content of Psychological Distress: Addressing Complex Personal Experience - New Book

'The Content of Psychological Distress makes the case for focusing psychological attention on the content of people's distressing personal experience and lessening the reliance on off the shelf categories and procedures. It looks at the rationale for, and practical steps involved in, taking individuals' accounts of their concerns as a starting point. It treats these as a foundation on which approaches of various kinds can be laid. It considers the impact of doing so on building…


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Changes to DSA - new jiscmail discussion list

Changes to Disabled Students' Allowance 2014-2016

A list to share information and strategies regarding changes to the 

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)…


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Measuring the impact of interprofessional education on collaborative practice and patient outcomes

'Over the past half century, there have been ebbs and flows of interest in linking what is now called interprofessional education (IPE) with interprofessional collaboration and team-based care. Whereas considerable research has focused on student learning, only recently have researchers begun to look beyond the classroom and beyond learning outcomes for the impact of IPE on such issues as patient safety, patient and provider satisfaction, quality of care, health promotion, population…


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QMU launches the world's first Masters in Mad Studies

Posted by Jill Anderson on December 1, 2020 at 11:50 0 Comments

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh is launching the world’s first master’s degree in Mad Studies. The MSc Mad Studies course is primarily a course for graduates with lived experience of mental health issues. It has been hailed by a leading international Mad Studies academic as the most exciting piece of curriculum development in the last 20 years!

Mad Studies is a recognised academic discipline that explores the knowledge and actions that have grown…


Unlearning through Mad Studies: disruptive pedagogical praxis

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 26, 2020 at 19:00 0 Comments

Medical discourse currently dominates as the defining framework for madness in educational praxis. Consequently, ideas rooted in a mental health/illness binary abound in higher learning, as both curriculum content and through institutional procedures that reinforce structures of normalcy. While madness, then, is included in university spaces, this inclusion proceeds in ways that continue to pathologize madness and disenfranchise mad people.

This paper offers Mad…


Stepchange: mentally healthy universities

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:48 0 Comments

Earlier this year, UUK published a refreshed version of its strategic framework, Stepchange: mentally healthy universities, calling on universities to prioritise the mental health of their students and staff by taking a whole university approach to mental health.

The Stepchange approach and shared set of principles inform the …


Think Ahead gets funding to boost its intake.

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:41 0 Comments

Fast-track mental health social work provider Think Ahead will expand its intake by 60% from next year following a government funding boost of at least £18m.

The Department of Health and Social Care has agreed a contract with Think Ahead to increase the number of trainees for its 2021 and 2022 cohorts from 100 to 160, with…


Transforming Mental Health Social Work videos

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:39 0 Comments

Health Education England has commissioned 11 videos centered on real-life experience of specialists in the social work field.

See the video playlist.

Transforming mental health social work - conference report

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:37 0 Comments

In February 2020 Health Education England and Skills for Care put on two major conferences about the role and development of mental health social work. 

Download the conference report.

Leadership in mental health social work - web pages

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:33 0 Comments

A section of the Skills for Care website has been developed for mental health social workers and AMHPs

View the web pages here.

Social work education and training in mental health, addictions and suicide: a scoping review protocol

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:29 1 Comment

Social workers are among the largest group of professionals in the mental health workforce and play a key role in the assessment of mental health, addictions and suicide. Most social workers provide services to individuals with mental health concerns, yet there are gaps in research on social work education and training programmes. The objective of this open access scoping review is to examine literature on social work education and training in mental health, addictions and…


Mental health nurse education: perceptions, access and the pandemic

Posted by Jill Anderson on October 16, 2020 at 15:25 0 Comments

With World Mental Health Day this Saturday, a new Nuffield Trust report discusses how more people might be attracted to apply to study mental health nursing, and the reasons why they might currently be less likely to do so.

Co-author Claudia Leone picks out some  key findings.

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