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A recently retired mental health nurse writes about her own depression

Deacon, M. (2015) Personal experience: being depressed is worse than having advanced cancer, Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 22, 457-459

This short paper addresses the experiences of a recently retired mental health nurse who has suffered from several episodes of depression during her long career and is now experiencing a life-limiting illness. Rather than feeling safe within the embrace of the health profession family, the author feared negative…


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Crossing boundaries: MH social work leading change in the NHS?

Martin Weber's keynote presentation from the JSWEC conference on social work education, earlier this month.

View the PREZI HERE.

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Social Work Education: special issue on service user and carer involvement

An upcoming special edition of  Social Work Education: The International Journal will focus on the topic of service user and carer involvement in social work education.

In subtitling the themed edition with the question ‘Where are we now?,’ the editors are looking to present a critical overview of the contribution that carers and service users make to important aspects of social work knowledge in their engagement with social work students. Papers…


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Who else is on the hub?

Browse the profiles of all 733 members of the hub: 


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Mental Health, Ethics and Law: New Programme

This new cross-faculty Masters programme at Kings College London is delivered by two internationally recognised centres of excellence. It provides an integrated, strongly interdisciplinary, education in mental health, ethics and law. It will equip students to become leaders in healthcare, mental health law or policy. 


• In-depth and integrated clinical, philosophical and legal analysis of key issues presented in the…


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Splitting in two: Mad pride and punk rock oblivion

In this book Robert Dellar traces his life journey from his childhood in a working class area of Watford, through Sussex University and the London squatting community, to the murky waters of mental health, as he describes it. Of special importance is the pioneering work Robert did in Hackney Hospital. Here he set up a Patients' Council and Advocacy Department At the time of the hospital's closure in the mid 90s, Robert organised some lively gigs described here in colourful detail. His…


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Standing up to madness: an autobiography

Nelsy uses her individual history as a research tool, as a means of dialogue and as therapy:

"My name is Nelsy, I was born in Colombia and I have lived in England over twenty years. I fell "ill" in England and in the midst of my madness I took advantage of my circumstances living among "mad" people, to make sense of my madness and of psychiatric treatment.I have explored my madness over ten years…


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Challenging stress, burnout and rust-out: new book

This book, by Teena Clouston, provides professionals with techniques for developing a more balanced lifestyle. Teena discusses the meaning of whole life balance and explains how it can be achieved in reality with some simple, straightforward strategies.

Find out more

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Improving acute inpatient psychiatric care for adults in England: Interim report

This interim report is based on the Commission’s initial observations about acute inpatient psychiatric services for adults in England and its discussions with patients, carers, advocates, health and social care professionals and policy makers. Five main themes have emerged:

1 The so-called bed or admission crisis is very significantly a problem of discharges and alternatives to admission and can only be addressed through changes in services and the management of the whole…


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Disabled people, work and welfare: is employment really the answer?

This is the first book to challenge the concept of paid work for disabled people as a means to ‘independence’ and ‘self determination’. Recent attempts in many countries to increase the employment rates of disabled people have actually led to an erosion of financial support for many workless disabled people and their increasing stigmatisation as ‘scroungers’. Led by the disability movement’s concern with the employment choices faced by disabled people, this controversial book uses…


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Tales from the Madhouse - new book

Publisher's description: 'Current psychiatric practices are based on pseudo-scientific assumptions that are barely more valid than those of witchcraft and demonic possession that dominated society’s approach to madness in bygone centuries. Gary Sidley's 33 years of experience working as a mental health professional – psychiatric nurse, clinical psychologist and manager - has enabled the creation of a distinctive insider account of the shameful failings of the Western psychiatric…


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Asylum Magazine - Summer 2015 issue

Do you use Asylum magazine in your teaching?  Published six times a year, Asylum provides a wealth of thought provoking material to develop critical and reflective thinking about mental health.

Asylum, Summer 2015, Volume 22, Number 2

This issue of Asylum opens with reflections on the life and contribution of Leonard Roy Frank, described by Will Hall as a 'brilliant soul' who spoke out against psychiatric oppression and inspired human rights activists around…


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Social Work Blues: new book

Social Work Blues: the experiences of a mental health survivor as a professional social worker, by Philip Hill.

Publisher's information.  'This is an account of how Philip Hill, a mental health survivor diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, entered the social work profession on the 4th of October 2004. This book tells about how he managed his impairment to become an effectual practitioner. It documents the ups and downs of his time in the profession and his continuing role as a…


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Survivor Performance Arts and exhibition

As part of the University of Birmingham's Community Day on Sunday 7th September 2014, the Social Work Department, Institute of Applied Social Studies, are hosting a 'Survivor Performance Arts and Exhibition'  in Muirhead Tower from 11 am until 4 pm.

The exhibition

Survivor Performance Arts and Exhibition 2014
You are invited to view the Survivor Arts Exhibition anytime between 11 am and 4 pm…


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Job vacancy: lecturer in mental health, Lancaster University

Lecturer in Mental Health

Health Research

Salary:   £33,242 to £45,954 

Closing Date:   Monday 10 August 2015

Interview Date:   To be confirmed 

Reference:  A1312

Lancaster University has a world-class reputation as a centre for excellence in teaching and research. It is in the top 1 per cent of universities in the world and highly ranked…


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Short Stories about Madness

Short Stories About... project

Short Stories About... is a new series of collected writing and visual arts on a unifying theme.

Our debut collection, Short Stories About Mothers, featured a mother on the birth of her (extremely) premature twins, a woman who had decided motherhood wasn't for her, a mum 'lost' to dementia and a nun talking about acting as midwife for a community (and her Mother Superior). 

One of the aims of Short Stories About... is to present…


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Mad Positive in the Academy - three short films

In May 2012, the School of Disability Studies at Ryerson hosted an event entitled: Mad Positive in the Academy. This event brought engaged academics and community activists from four projects into dialogue about mad positive practices located at the intersection of mental health, formal education and social movements.

From 19 filmed interviews and roughly 7 hours of footage, three short videos, or ‘web docs’, have been created.  They discuss: what it means to be mad positive in the…


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Financial Melancholia: mental health and indebtedness - new report

The rise of mental health problems such as depression cannot be understood in narrowly medical terms, but instead needs to be understood in its political-economic context. An economy driven by debt (and prone to problem debt at the level of households) will have a predisposition towards rising rates of depression. Quantitative evidence demonstrates the influence of inequality on rising levels of household debt and depression, and indicates a causal links between debt and mental health…


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Mental health and neoliberalism - video of New School of Economics event

Posted by Jill Anderson on February 10, 2018 at 22:23 0 Comments

Can today's crisis in mental health be seen as the result of neoliberalism? We asked the panelists to reflect on the aftermath of the 2007/08 financial crisis and the austerity policies which followed, but then to engage with how the slashing of expenditure on public services and increase in private debt has been met with questions around whether these factors are exacerbating mental health problems. This event titled, ‘Mental Health and Neoliberalism’, sought to situate the growing…


Afflicted: how vulnerability can heal medical education and practice

Posted by Jill Anderson on February 7, 2018 at 22:47 0 Comments

In Afflicted, Nicole Piemonte examines the preoccupation in medicine with cure over care, arguing that the traditional focus on biological intervention keeps medicine from addressing the complex realities of patient suffering. Although many have pointed to the lack of compassion and empathy in medical practice, few have considered the deeper philosophical, psychological, and ontological reasons for it. Piemonte fills that gap, examining why it is that…


The effect - radio play

Posted by Jill Anderson on February 7, 2018 at 13:56 0 Comments

The Effect -  Drama on 3 - by Lucy Prebble.
Starring Jessie Buckley, Christine Entwisle, Damien Molony and Samuel West.
"I can tell the difference between who I am and a side effect."
Award-winning chemical romance. 
Connie (Jessie Buckley - 'The Last Post', 'Taboo') and Tristan (Damien Molony - 'Crashing', 'Being Human') are taking part…

While your back was turned: the mental health of young women and girls.

Posted by Jill Anderson on February 2, 2018 at 18:10 0 Comments

The mental health of young women and girls is deteriorating, and the gap between men and women has widened over recent years. As the evidence section in this paper will show, the last 15 years have seen an unprecedented rise in reported mental health problems amongst young women and girls. We now see their needs reaching crisis levels.…


Mental Health Act – The rise in the use of the MHA to detain people in England

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This report looks at causes for the rise in use of the Mental Health Act (MHA) to detain people.

The rise in the use of the MHA to detain people in England report cover image

National data shows an increasing use of the Mental Health Act (MHA) to treat people in hospitals.

In 2016, the CQC committed to working with local services to gather views on the reasons for the national increase in the use of the MHA, to identify how local services are responding to the changing activity, and to…


Social policy first hand: An international introduction to participatory social welfare - new book

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Social Policy First Hand is the first comprehensive international social policy text from a participatory perspective and presents a new service user-led social policy that addresses the current challenges in welfare provision. A companion volume to Peter Beresford's bestselling All our welfare, it introduces the voices of different groups of service users, starting from their lived experience. With an impressive list of contributors, this important volume fills a gap in looking at…


Asylum magazine - events calendar

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Asylum magazine has a new events calendar.  You can view it here.

UMHAN blog - writers wanted

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University Mental Health Advisers Network.

Are you interested in in HE? Do you like writing and are passionate about sharing your opinion? Look no further. The Blog is…


With children in mind: current research and policy developments on mental health and young people

Posted by Jill Anderson on January 23, 2018 at 15:30 0 Comments

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Public Mental Health

Expected publication in 2019 as Volume 18, Issue 1.

Guest Editors: 

Gill Coverdale, Co-editor of JPMH and Royal College of Nursing, UK gillcov17@gmail.com…


Psychology and Mental Health - beyond nature and nurture

Posted by Jill Anderson on January 21, 2018 at 11:45 0 Comments

Psychological therapies and the work of clinical psychologists are now very popular. This free online course provides an introduction to how psychologists understand emotions, behaviours and thinking patterns, and how this helps clinical psychologists make sense of their clients’ problems.

Over six weeks, you will explore some of the current challenges and debates in the area of diagnosis and treatment, and discover new ways of thinking psychologically about mental health.



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