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Social Learning Centre

The Social Learning Centre is a global online professional community for learning professionals (in both education and the workplace) to support their ongoing professional development by learning from their peers as well as leading industry practitioners and thought leaders from around the world.


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Effective Supervision in Social Work and Social Care

This SCIE research briefing provides an overview of the evidence concerning the value of supervision in supporting the practice of social care and social work. It is relevant to both children’s and adult social care services and includes a consideration of supervision in integrated, multi-professional teams. While the focus is on social work and social care, some of the research reviewed includes participants from other professions such as…

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Palgrave Pivot - an innovative new format for scholarly research

Liberating scholarship from the straitjacket of traditional formats and business models, Palgrave Pivot offers authors the flexibility of publishing at lengths between the journal article and the conventional monograph. Palgrave Pivot emphasizes speed of delivery as well as innovation. Titles are published within 12 weeks of acceptance with a complete peer-review process.…


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Society for Emotional Well-being Worldwide

The Society for Emotional Well-being Worldwide has launched a new website.  This is an online community for global mental health professionals and will provide networking capacity through blogs and forums, as well as up-to-date scientific literature, conference and work opportunities for providers and advocates for global mental health.

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Health and Social Care Education - first issue

This is the journal for the Higher Education Academy Health and Social Care cluster of disciplines.  The first issue, with a focus on student engagement, is out now.  
See: …

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Afflictions: culture and mental illness in Indonesia

Afflictions: Culture & Mental Illness in Indonesia

“Afflictions: Culture & Mental Illness in Indonesia” is a documentary film series that examines the lives of people with severe mental helath problems living on the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java.  “Afflictions” is based on more than a decade of clinical ethnographic research conducted by documentary filmmaker and anthropologist Dr. Robert Lemelson.

There are six films in the series: "Memory of My Face,” “The…


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A Marked Improvement: transforming assessment in higher education

A Marked Improvement has been developed by a group of experts, working with the HEA to provide a strong rationale for transforming assessment in higher education. It includes an assessment review tool, offering a practical method to take stock of current practice and look to a targeted approach to strategic change. The publication also includes further resources for staff, which can be used to support changes to assessment policy and practice. …


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Social and Emotional Wellbeing: early years

NICE publish new guidance on the social and emotional wellbeing of children under five.

Further details.

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Health, Wellness and Society Conference: Call for Papers.

The International Advisory Board is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Third International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society and the call for submissions to the peer-reviewed The International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society.  The Health and Society Conference will be held 15 - 16 March 2013 at the Escola Paulista de Medicina - Universidade Federal de Sao

Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Find out more:…


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Bentall is Ok, phew

He had me worried for a while- the opening sections of the 'Doctoring the Mind' book were just too friendly towards the psychiatric discipline but really he was just hooking the reader and the whammy comes not too far in.  It is a real concern for critical writers I think in that if you show your cards too early you lose the reader because of the sense that you are too partisan and you've either lost insight, or you are an academic malcontent. Books like this are important because they keep…


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Mapping new concepts of impact in arts and mental health interventions: PhD studentship

Faculty of Arts PhD Studentship Mapping new concepts of impact in arts and mental health interventions

More details at:…

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Consumer model of recovery: issues and perspectives

This set of articles may be of interest, and use in teaching. 
Best wishes, 
From World Psychiatry 11(3) …

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Why Society Drives You Mad - Richard Bentall on video

Clinical psychologist and vocal critic of psychiatry Richard Bentall reveals why social inequality, racism and the built environment have a far more significant role to play in mental illness than the biomedical establishment acknowledges.

View here.

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Threshold Concepts Conference report

Report of the 2012 Threshold Concepts Conference - held in Dublin. 

Download here.

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Mindreel - great resource for use in teaching.

MindReel is an initiative to create a valuable learning resource using educational films that address a wide range of mental health issues. The MindReel project is led by IRISS in partnership with the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival and University of Strathclyde.

The intention is to unlock the educational potential of the films that have been submitted…


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reading too much?

I've a little time on my hands and a part time PhD to get underway and so I've started too many books. Because clearly that follows and I'm not sure if this a case of  an urge to over-activity or enthusiasm- need not be mutually exclusive I suppose.

The beginning of Bentall's 'Why psychiatric Treatments Fail' is a strange mix and I am really hoping that the earliest part is not a plea for admission back into the fold. This book seems far more appealing to psychiatry than  'Madness…


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Drug and Alcohol learning

Hi all , Im Liz

I am a clinical nurse in Ipswich Queensland in Australia. I have a masters in Mental Health Nursing. I recently wrote a training program for our enrty level nurses to transition to Drug and Alcohol.. Just wondering if mental Health and Drug and Alcohol are together  or separate in you public health system.

Cheers from Aussie Land,


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See Psoriasis Look Deeper - report out now.

On Wednesday 17th October, the See Psoriasis Look Deeper campaign - a collaboration between The Psoriasis Association and The Mental Health Foundation launched in the Houses of Parliament.

Psoriasis is a multi-faceted condition that can affect people in many ways. There are physical symptoms- flaking, itching, redness, discomfort, even pain- but there are also impacts on mental wellbeing and quality of life, as well as social lives, careers and relationships.

The See Psoriasis…


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Dropbox - Great Space Race

This may be of interest.  Free dropbox space for university students.  See here for details: 


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Croatia: out of institutions, into the world

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 19, 2017 at 20:00 0 Comments

More than 8,200 people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities in Croatia remain in segregated institutions and psychiatric hospitals with little control over decisions that affect their lives, Human Rights Watch said. While the Croatian government has made some progress in protecting the rights of people with disabilities, the process of moving people out of institutions and into community-based living arrangements has been limited and slow. In a video released by Human Rights Watch,…


1000 conversations: speaking out on mental health

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 12:34 0 Comments

Stories of people with lived experience of mental health difficulties - shared on the Centre for Mental Health website. 

View the stories

Quality in Undergraduate Education: How Powerful Knowledge Disrupts Inequality

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 12:00 0 Comments

Globally, the appetite for higher education is great, but what do students and societies gain? Quality in Undergraduate Education foregrounds the importance of knowledge acquisition at university. Many argue that university education is no longer a public good due to the costs incurred by students who are then motivated by the promise of lucrative employment rather than by studying a discipline for its own sake. McLean, Abbas and Ashwin, however, reveal a…


International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 11:55 0 Comments

'The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal (IIPDW) was created to respond to a glaring need in mental health: to develop ways for helping people withdraw from psychiatric drugs.

Mental health has failed to provide support to people who want to reduce or withdraw from their psychiatric drugs. Often, people are simply told it is a bad idea, and thus are left to try to reduce or withdraw without the support they need.

Indeed, psychiatric drugs have been…


Life of the Mind Interrupted: essays on mental health and disability in higher education

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 18, 2017 at 11:43 0 Comments

The essays in this book cover topics such as disclosure of disabilities, accommodations and accessibility, how to be a good abled friend to a disabled person, the trigger warnings debate, and more. Written for a popular audience, for those with disabilities and for those who want to learn more about living a disabled life, Life of the Mind Interrupted aims to make higher education, and the rest of our society, more humane.…


All is not well - comics about care

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 17, 2017 at 17:30 0 Comments

I See You is about a girl being cared for by her father after being discharged from psychiatric hospital. The father cares emotionally and practically. He stays present in response to the girl’s anger and despair and tries metaphorically to give the girl her childhood back.

Read the comic

Medicated Stable: animated film

Posted by Jill Anderson on November 17, 2017 at 15:16 0 Comments

Medicated Stable is an animated film that explores some of the experiences of mental health treatment, support and recovery in Southampton. Funded by NHS England, this animated film produced by Healthwatch Southampton is based on ‘Barriers and Facilitators for promoting recovery in mental health’ a research paper co-produced by Healthwatch Southampton and the University of Southampton.…


Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

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Britain’s first university centre dedicated to improving mental health in schools has opened.

The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools has been established at Leeds Beckett University.

Similar centres already exist in the US and Canada. Its aim is to create a network of educators, mental health practitioners and …


Trauma informed education in mental health nursing

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Stirling University film  looking at MH through a Trauma Lens featuring staff, graduates & clinicians.

View it here.

Mental Health Occupational Therapy Interventions and Outcomes Network

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MOTION is a collaboration between researchers, service users, clinicians and educators committed to improving outcomes in mental health occupational therapy by advancing research.

Visit the website.

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