With children in mind: current research and policy developments on mental health and young people

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Public Mental Health

Expected publication in 2019 as Volume 18, Issue 1.

Guest Editors: 

Gill Coverdale, Co-editor of JPMH and Royal College of Nursing, UK gillcov17@gmail.com
Helen Donovan, Royal College of Nursing, UK 

This issue will, specifically, cover the promotion of mental health and emotional wellbeing and the prevention of mental ill health and crises in children and young people. We are happy to accept manuscripts that discuss the role of parents, carers, teachers and health care staff in the promotion of good mental health, including resilience and wellbeing.

A Key Objective within the WHO’s current Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan is to implement strategies for promotion and prevention in mental health. Since over half of mental disorders begin during childhood and adolescence, there is a critical need both for new research and for evidence from practice, on improving mental health with young people.  The WHO recognise the need to make mental health promotion a mainstream action: 
“In addition to the health sector, it is essential to involve the education, labour, justice, transport, environment, housing, and welfare sectors as well.”
In the UK, two recent policy developments offer new opportunities to improve population health:
Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision: a Green Paper. London: DH & DFE, 2017.
Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health, London: PHE, 2017.

The Editors are looking for original material from any setting. Research papers are typically around 2000 words long and Review papers up to 4000 words. Preliminary findings of novel work from research or practice are also acceptable as Brief Reports, up to 1000 words long. Authors are welcome to discuss an outline of their proposed submission with the Editor in Chief, Woody Caan (wcaan@rsph.org.uk) prior to submitting a complete manuscript using the procedure below.  Once manuscripts have been submitted, appropriate peer reviewers will be selected by the specialist Guest Editors. 
Papers accepted for publication in the JPMH are all indexed in International research databases, including SCOPUS.   

Submission Procedure: 
For details on the types of manuscript published,  visit the author guidelines for the journal at:http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/journals/author_guid...

Submissions to this journal made are through the ScholarOne submission system here: 

You will need to register with ScholarOne the first time you use the system. Please ensure you select this Special Issue from the relevant drop down menu on page four of the submission process.

Submission Deadline: 
31st July 2018


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